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Matt Walker

Matt started Scoop Move Facilitate LLC to provide affordable excavating services and aggregate products to his community's residents. While serving as a full-time active duty serviceman in 2011, Matt began delivering services to neighborhood customers, mostly on weekends and in his leisure time. Matt's long-term vision is to expand the company to become one of the region's premier service providers.

Matt’s defining characteristics are integrity and tireless dedication to the service of others. He is a seasoned professional with several years of tactical and strategic level experience working with the military and partnering with government and private entities. Matt’s expertise concentrates on customer satisfaction and quality standards.  


Matt has several years of organizational leadership, management, training, instructing, property management, information technology, mechanical maintenance, heavy equipment operations, and commercial trucking experience. With selfless service as a core value, he spends much time volunteering his time in several different communities. 

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My Story

Matt was born in Burgaw, NC, and spent much of his early childhood living in Wallace, NC. Matt gained an interest in mechanical maintenance and heavy equipment at an early age. At the young age of eight, Matt learned to operate his Grandfather's Ford tractor and later began landscaping properties for a fee. As young as age twelve, he constructed a go-cart from an old garden tiller engine and salvaged go-cart parts. In his early teens, he began grading and clearing land using his Case backhoe. 

Matt is well versed and possesses a very diverse background. He has traveled the world and has lived and worked in both rural and metropolitan settings. Matt is a graduate of Wallace-Rose Hill High School and attended Fayetteville Technical Community College graduating with High Honors with an Associate in General Education. Matt later attended Post University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Management. Matt also completed a Basic Law Enforcement Training Course Certificate at Reinhardt University.



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